Searching Tips:

First, thoroughly examine the contents of our pages for the name of the Diagnosis, Syndrome or Items you are looking for.

  1. If you are sure that you are on the right page and still cannot locate the exact information of your interest, then:
    1. Go to the Edit option on the menu bar at the top of your browser and click on "Find (in this Page)" from the drop-down list. A small box will pop-up on your screen.
    2. In the box, type in the Exact Word you are looking for and click OK. If the word you are looking for does exist on that page, that area of the page will momentarily show up on the screen Highlighting your word.
    3. If not, then an Error Message will show up saying that it failed to find the word you are looking for.
  1. If you have looked all over and Still Cannot find what you are looking for, your last resort would be to go down to the Search Box at the bottom of this page:
    1. In the box, type in either the Keywords - Names, Symptoms, Anomalies, Language or Topics related to the information you are looking for, and click Find.
    2. Momentarily, our search engine will pull-up a list of links related to what you are looking for on our site.
  1. If all of the above fails and you are still unable to find what you are looking for, then that information is not on our site. Please send a request to IBIS to develop a page for you.