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International Birth Defects Information Systems Rebirth, Renewal, And Human Development (Section B)
Mission: Amelioration, Prevention and Genetic Counseling concerning Birth Defects, Genetic Disorders, Congenital Malformations, Anomalies and Developmental Disorders
I.B.I.S in Ukrainian   See I.B.I.S. in Ukrainian
  • Establish a birth defects surveillance system based on international standards.
  • Contribute to the better care and prevention of birth defects.
  • Contribute to the creation of a Ukrainian Alliance for the Prevention of Birth Defects.

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April 25, 2006
Kyiv , Ukraine

Section B: Perspectives for renewal and future development;
Heightened Preparedness and Challenges for the Future

- Oksana Garnets, PhD, Project Manager, UNDP
- Bruno Lefevre, Ex-Coordinator of the UNESCO Chornobyl program

"Twelve social lessons of Chornobyl in the context of the future"

Dr. Yuri Sajenko,
Head of the Department of Social Expertise, Professor of the Institute of Sociology

"Perspectives of renewal and development in future: experience of Ukraine"

Dr. Anatoliy Tolstoukhov,
President of Charitable Organization
"Center of Practical Philosophy"

"The human being in a community in crisis. Values before and after catastrophe"

Professor Yuri Shwalb, DPS,
Institute of Psychology,
Academy of Psychological Sciences

"Social mechanisms and instruments of development"

Sophie Fouace,
Director of "Le Pont Neuf' Association

"Human response to crisis A new worldview"

Svitlana Alexievych,
Author Belarus

"The role of safety agencies in protecting public health'

Dr. Edwin S. Lyman,
Senior researcher,
Union of Concerned Scientists

"Psychological support as a means of restoring human health in affected communities "

Dr. Oksana Harnets, PhD
Project Manager, UNDP

"Perspectives for renewable energy as a core component of sustainable development of Ukraine"

Volodymyr Kosterin,
Chairman of the Board of Directors,
Institute of Sustainable Development of Ukraine

"The Rebirth and Development of Contaminated Regions "

Dr. Pavlo Zamostyan, CMS
Project Manager, UNDP

"The Rebirth of the Culture of Polissia: The search for sources of renewal in the individual and in the community"

Dr. Rostyslav Omeliashko,
Project Manager

"Slavutych - A Unique model of technical policy"

Volodymyr Udovychenko,
Mayor of Slavutych

"Cooperation as a means of overcoming social problems"

Lyudmila Boyko,
Fund for the Social Development, Borodianka

"A New Generation - aware and responsible for its future "

Sviatoslav Vakarchuk,
Goodwill Ambassador for Youth, UNDP

"New safe nuclear energy sources for future'

Victor Poyarkov,
Executive Director,
European Center of Technological Safety

"What should be the reaction of international organizations to humanitarian catastrophes?"

Bruno Lefevre,
Ex-Coordinator of the UNESCO Chornobyl program

"Normalizing the legal and moral climate - lessons of Chornobyl"

Svitlana Plachkova,
Director of the Secretariat of the Ukrainian Parliament
(Verkhovna Rada Ukrainy) Ukraine

Systems of technological, ecological and personal security: future responsibilities"

Rostyslav. Sherstyuk,
President of "Saturn Delta International"

"Tolerance as background of personality and society "

Professor Olga Hryva,
Humanitarian Institution "Artek"

"Chornoyl problem will rebirth Ukrainian mentality"

Dr. Olena Donchenko,
Institute of social and political physocology

"Ways for minimization of eco-genetic risks and survival of future generations "

Dr. Galyna Denysenko,
National Medical University after O.O. Bogomolets,
Head of the Medical Commission of
The Ukrainian Ecological Association "Green Light",
Consultant on medical issues of "Soyuz Ukrainok"

"A review on the aids from Japan to Ukraine for the recovery and development of the Chernobyl Accident: past, present, and future"

Y. Matsuki,
External Consultant, the Embassy of Japan in Ukraine

American Medical Association