International Competition for Young Pianists in Memory of Vladimir Horowitz

Since the inception of the International Competition for Young Pianists, CD recordings have provided the means to share with the world what is refered to "the Horowitz piano technique".

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Click to see large image Winners of First and Second Competition

(1995 - 1997)

Total Tracks : 8  Play Time: 71 Min 13 Sec

Click to see large image Winners of Third Competition - 2 CD Set


Total Tracks : 21  Play Time: 140 Min 03 Sec

Click to see large image  Winners of Fourth Competition : Young Group


Total Tracks : 15  Play Time: 66 Min 41 Sec

Click to see large image Winners of Fourth Competition : 2 CD Set


Total Tracks : 31  Play Time: 144 Min 18 Sec


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