International Competition for Young Pianists in Memory of Vladimir Horowitz

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Winners are Birth Defects Prevention Ambassadors

Some Prize Winners (2000 - 2001) (Click to hear them play)
Click to her Kyrylo Keduk play Click to hear Valeriya Myrosh play Click to hear Artem Yasynsky play
Kyrylo Keduk Valeriya Myrosh Artem Yasynsky
Some Prize Winners (1999) (Click to hear them play)
Click to hear Iryna Arbatska play Click to hear Vadym Kholodenko play Click to hear Anastasiya Dranchuk play
Iryna Arbatska Vadym Kholodenko Anastasiya Dranchuk
Some Prize Winners (1995 - 1997) (Click to hear them play)
Click to hear Olexiy Yemtsov play Click to hear Risa Hinoue play Click to hear Viacheslav Zubkov play
Olexiy Yemtsov Risa Hinoue Viacheslav Zubkov
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All concerts and recordings are dedicated to improve the health of children, particularly, the prevention of birth defects and developmental disabilities. We welcome concert sponsors.
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