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Kyiv, 1999

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  1. General Aknowledgement.

    1.1. The Alliance for the Prevention of Birth Defects works in the Kyiv region. It unites geneticists, neonatologists, health care providers, teachers, parents of affected children, community members, artists etc. The Alliance activity is aimed toward the prevention of birth defects and hereditary diseases, sharing the knowledge about the medical genetics and teratology, promotion of birth defects’ prevention methods, support of families with affected children...

  2. Aims and Tasks of the Organization.

    2.2. The Alliance main tasks are:
    • ...Spreading of knowledge about birth defects prevention among parents, health care providers and public...
    • Propagation of birth defects prevention as the most important way of their avoidance...
    • Free access to modern information about medical genetics and teratology to scientists, teachers, practical medical personnel of different specialization...
    • Protection of the affected individuals from stigmatization and discrimination...
    • To cooperate with health care institutions for medical genetics service development and affected children rehabilitation and social adaptation...
    • To develop cooperation with International organizations, scientists and public activists from different countries (including the countries of the former USSR)...
    • To organize special exhibitions and publish specialized issues about Alliance activities...
    • To cooperate and coordinate its activity with the International organizations for birth defects prevention...
  1. Alliance Membership.

    3.1. Any Ukrainian or foreign citizen can be a member of the Alliance for the Prevention of Birth Defects. Any trade organizations of the governmental or non – governmental institutions, which share with the aims and activity of the Alliance have to pay the member’s motions and support the Alliance tasks realization...


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