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We seek to disseminate knowledge regarding the prevention of birth defects.  We particularly wish to insure that every Ukrainian woman of child bearing age knows that taking folic acid before pregnancy can help prevent certain birth defects of the brain and spine.  Concurrently, we seek to impact heath care education and training.  We wish to insure that current scientific information reaches health care providers, scientists, teachers and decision makers.


We seek to impact decision makers and stress that the future of Ukraine belongs to its young. We seek to become a premier advocate for parents and babies. We consider that babies with birth defects need to be counted in a scientific manner to detect possible causes and facilitate better health care plans.


We seek to promote birth defects basic and clinical research through strategic national and international partnerships and exchanges.


We seek patrons, sponsors, donations, members, grants and contracts.

Our Health Agenda In Ukraine

Our Scientific Advisors endorsed the following initiatives:

Joint Progress Reports of the Ukrainian Alliance and Ukrainian-American Birth Defects Program

A partnership program sponsored by the USAID to establish birth defects surveillance, amelioration and prevention in two Ukrainian oblasts.     IBIS: International Birth Defects Information Systems - Home Page     Medical Etymology     Genetics Birth Defects Center    

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